Inloopkast & trapkast

Voor een bovenwoning in het Benoordenhout in Den Haag, ontworpen door ontwerpstudio Millimeter,  bouwden wij voor de nieuwe bewoners een inloopkast, een kastenwand onder de trap en verschillende kleine oplossingen voor het creëren van voldoende bergruimte. Dit is wat ze erover te zeggen hadden in hun review op Google:

“We have been using recently Nederhout for some custom made furnitures and we were absolutely satisfied overall and we would recommend them to anyone. We were impressed by the serious service, and by the quality of the product delivered. Besides the execution of Mannou and Kenny and their team was very professional thru all the process, from the development stage to the delivery.. They have spent more than a week in our house to complete the assignment and we felt always extremely comfortable. The main job was a walk-in closet built by them on the 3rd floor of our apartment which is a beauty. Also some lockers particularly a space under the stairs where they have been very inventive. They never compromise with quality. Truly recommend! Thank you very much to Mannou, Kenny and Team for the excellent job!”